Sheeley for Delegate Raises Over $23,000 in First Fundraising Push

Mary Jo Sheeley, a candidate for Delegate in 68th district, raised $23,564 in the first two months of her campaign and ended Q1 with more than $20,100 in the bank. More than two-thirds of her donors gave $100 or less, showing the strength of her grassroots support right from the get-go of her campaign.

“Virginians are excited to get involved in this year’s election. Just within the first two months of our campaign, we are seeing folks step up, join together, and give what they can to get Manoli Loupassi and his Party of Trump out of office,” said Mary Jo Sheeley.

“Over two thirds of our support thus far has come from contributions of $100 or less — which speaks to the grassroots enthusiasm fueling our campaign. Virginians are seeing that Trump and his Republican Party are already failing in their first 100 days — which is why it’s my priority to flip the 68th district back to Democrat this fall.”

So far this year, Sheeley has participated in over 20 events across the district, has knocked on over 150 doors, and will continue to meet with voters to discuss what’s at stake in this election.