Equal Opportunity Economy:

Mary Jo believes that Virginia needs to build an economy that works for everyone by providing well-paying jobs to its hard-working citizens. An “Equal Opportunity Economy” includes a living wage, jobs for our veterans, and investments in our infrastructure and public education system. The Commonwealth’s economy is evolving rapidly and it must stay ahead of the curve by providing competitive career and technical education, competitive salaries for teachers, and competitive job opportunities for graduates.



With public schools under attack by the Trump White House, Mary Jo understands that quality schools are not negotiable. She will fight for better support for schools and teachers so our children can build the future they deserve.



As a single mother with a small child in the 90’s Mary Jo was fortunate to have a supportive employer. At the Capitol, Mary Jo will fight back against Trump-style politics to expand Medicaid, stand up to the assault on Planned Parenthood and protect a woman’s right to choose. Mary Jo believes no one should have to worry about what will happen to them or their children if they get sick and have no access to health care.


Equal Rights:

Virginia must protect the rights of all people, especially those who have been marginalized or are coming under attack for their beliefs and who they are.  Mary Jo believes that we must come together to reduce racial and ethnic prejudice, support LGBTQ youth and their parents, protect immigrants’ rights, demand equal pay for equal work, and protect women’s rights to control over their health care decisions. It is imperative that the Commonwealth becomes a trailblazer in supporting those who cannot support themselves.


Protecting our Environment:

Virginia is a beautiful, diverse, and rich natural environment that must be preserved. In the age of Trump we need an environmental champion like Mary Jo to resist the rollback of our environmental laws. As an assistant attorney general in the Attorney General’s office and as head of enforcement for DEQ, Mary Jo held polluters accountable. As Delegate, Mary Jo will use her vast environmental law experience to fight for clean energy legislation that will help move Virginia away from fossil fuel powered electric generation.


Safety in our Communities:

No society is free if its citizens do not feel safe in their homes and communities. Virginia must support our law enforcement agencies and provide them with the necessary resources and training to protect the citizens of Virginia. Partnerships must be forged between communities and law enforcement so all feel trusted and respected. Mary Jo understands that the opioid addiction epidemic is a crisis here in Virginia that has taken the lives of so many loved ones. If elected, Mary Jo will work relentlessly to pass legislation that removes drug dealers and illicit drugs from our neighborhoods and this Commonwealth.


Gun Violence Prevention:

Mary Jo believes that we need background checks on all gun sales in order to keep guns out of the hand of those who are dangerous. This simple step will continue to foster responsible gun ownership. Furthermore, she believes we need to make sure that children do not have access to firearms and those with small children should keep them locked up.